Xiaomi MI 70mai Dash Cam Pro + GPS Module

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100% Original MI 70mai Dash Cam Pro + GPS Module


Main Features

Terminology Remarks Reference:
Sony IMX335: Sony introduces a high-end image sensor with 2 micron large pixels that can receive more light than a sensor
About 2.5 times the 1080P: the conventional 1080 is 2 million pixels, and the 5 million pixels is 2.5 times the 2 million pixels.
H.265 new coding technology: H265 is a new video coding standard developed by U-T VCEGEI following H.264
Defog algorithm: 70 self-developed algorithm, can also be photographed in a foggy environment
WDR wide dynamic: 5en50 for multiple exposures and output multiple images, sP for synthesis, after a series of processing to obtain a wide dynamic image of the country;
G-sensor: acceleration sensor
BSP battery protection mechanism: 70 from the research and development of battery power consumption method, to ensure that the car battery will not be lower than a certain amount of electricity, to ensure that the car can start smoothly
language version: English/Russian Note:Russian version has no voice control

Package Included:
1 * XIAOMI 70mai Dash Cam Pro (Customers who do not purchase GPS will not include GPS module)
1 * Car Charger
1 * USB Cable
2 * Sticker
1 * Bracket
1 * Lever
1 * User Manual


Power Cable Length


Package size (L x W x H)

12.00 x 10.50 x 4.10 cm / 4.72 x 4.13 x 1.61 inches


Dash Cam Pro

Product size (L x W x H)

0.0700 kg

Languages support




Package weight

0.3110 kg

Optional Language


Hard disk


Product Weight

8.75 x 5.30 x 1.80 cm / 3.44 x 2.09 x 0.71 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Car DVR, 2 x Electrostatic Sticker, 1 x Car Charger, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English Manual


Market Price
Rs. 9,800