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MacVision Relay 8000VA (6400watt) Automatic Digital Voltage Stabilizer, Regulator, Volt Gurard, Relay Control

Store: Electronics Store
Brand: MacVision
Relay 8000VA (6400watt) Automatic Digital Voltage Stabilizer, Regulator


Fully protect your home's any electric and electronic devices from electric voltage issues like over volt, under volt, voltage fluctuation, lightning, etc.

*** 2 Years Warranty (1+1 Year) ***

• Brand: MacVision

• Model: Relay-8000VA (max 6400watt load)

• Advance Technology Features

• Wall Mounted

• Ultra-wide range of input voltage: 105v to 270v (All Tested)

• Fully Automatic standard output voltage 220V (± 3% -10%)

• Full Functional 5 pcs relay control panel

• Toroidal Transformer Used 

• Over voltage cut off protection

• Low voltage cut off protection

• Over load cut off protection

• Overheating protection

• Voltage Fluctuation control delay timer (5s & 255s switch)

• LED input & output voltage digital display

• Usage load & various protection led display

• Protection control buzzer alarm system 

• Best Efficiency: = 90% to 95%


2 Years Warranty
Market Price
Rs. 25,000