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MacVision Relay 3000VA (2400watt) Automatic Digital Voltage Stabilizer, Regulator, Volt Gurard, Relay Control

Store: Electronics Store
Brand: MacVision
Relay 3000VA (2400watt) Automatic Digital Voltage Stabilizer


Fully protect your home's any electric and electronic devices from electric voltage issues like over volt, under volt, voltage fluctuation, lightning, etc.

*** 2 Years Warranty (1+1 Year) ***

• Brand: MacVision

• Model: Relay-3000VA (max 2400watt load)

• Advance Technology Features

• Ultra-wide range of input voltage: 105v to 270v (All Tested)

• Fully Automatic standard output voltage 220V (± 3% -10%)

• Full Functional 5 pcs relay control panel

• Toroidal Transformer Used 

• Over voltage cut off protection

• Low voltage cut off protection

• Over load cut off protection

• Overheating protection

• Voltage Fluctuation control delay timer (5s & 255s switch)

• LED input & output voltage digital display

• Usage load & various protection led display

• Protection control buzzer alarm system 

• Best Efficiency: = 90% to 95%


2 Years Warranty
Market Price
Rs. 13,600