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L09 One Axis LED Gimbal Stabilizer Tripod Selfie Stick, Handheld Anti-shake For Mobile Phones

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Brand: OEM (NO Brand)
L09 One Axis LED Gimbal Stabilizer Tripod Selfie Stick



-This mobile phone Selfie integrates a variety of functions such as fill light, stabilizer, tripod, Selfie, and telescopic rod. It is an excellent tool for you to go out to take pictures, record videos, live video, and vlog shooting.

-The mobile phone stabilizer is made of high-quality ABS material and aluminum box gold, which is lightweight and strong, allowing you to hold it for a long time. Can be handheld and vertical design, can complete long-distance self-portrait.

-The mobile phone clip with strong gripping force can be used for smartphones with a width of 43-91MM. With a stable motor with strong torque and accuracy, it can shoot vertically, horizontally and rotatingly, and it can also maintain the best stability. , To avoid video screen jitter.

-Rear fill light, 30 high-quality LED lamp beads, with three light modes with different color temperatures, white light, warm light, white light + warm light, self-correcting the light source, reducing the color later.

-The gimbal and fill light are powered by a lithium battery respectively, which avoids accelerating power consumption during mixed use, and has a stronger endurance. The handle is equipped with a detachable remote Selfie and gimbal control button. Bluetooth connection makes it easier to use. Convenience.

-The longest Selfie stick that can be extended to 72CM allows you to take a larger range of scenes and some unreachable places, making it safer to take pictures in the wild. The stabilizer adopts USB charging design, even in the outdoors, you can also charge the stabilizer through mobile power and solar charging board.



Product Name: L09 Fill Light Mobile Phone Stabilizer

Product material: plastic + aluminum alloy + electronic components

Product Size:

Overall size: about 6.9*5.6*15.2CM

Telescopic pole: about 15.2-72CM

Mobile phone clip range: about 43-91MM

Product weight: about 212g


Hardware parameters (Selfie):

bluetooth version: bluetooth 4.0

Maximum remote control distance: 10M

Energy supply mode: 1*CR1620 button battery

Applicable system: For Android 4.3/For IOS 5.1 and above


Hardware parameters (stabilizer):

Battery type: 400mAh polymer lithium battery

Working voltage: 3.7V

Power: 1.4W

Maximum speed: 100°/s

Rated input: 5V/0.5A

Interface type: micro USB

Life time: 2-3H


Hardware parameters (fill light):

Battery type: 600mAh polymer lithium battery

Rated power: 0.5W

Rated input: DC 5V/0.5A

Interface type: micro USB

Lamp bead type: LED

Number of lamp beads: white light*15; warm light*15

Color temperature: 3000K/4500K/6000K

Number of gears: 9 gears dimming

Product color: white; black


Packing list:

1 * Multi-function selfie stabilizer

1 * USB charging cable

1 * Instruction manual





Market Price
Rs. 3,800