Earldom (ET-BH33) Bluetooth Back Neck Earphone

Store: Mobile Store
Brand: Earldom
Bluetooth Back Neck Earphone with 9hr long playback time


Eardom BH33 Bluetooth Headset

- You are looking for a headset for entertainment when participating in outdoor activities such as gym, jogging, cycling, ... with wireless connection

Earldom BH33 Bluetooth Headset was born to meet the above needs

- Headphones with deep sound quality are not pulled back to give you entertainment after a tiring working day

- Support for talk, large battery capacity and long time using

Technical specifications

+ Buetooth technology: V5.0 + AIROHA

+ Waterproof standard: Class IPX5

+ Standby time: 90h

+ Hours of operation: 9hr

Battery capacity: 260mAh

Charging time: 1 ~ 2 hours

+ Range of operation: 10m


1 Month
Market Price
Rs. 1,700