Earldom (ET-BH13) Bluetooth Back Neck Earphone

Store: Mobile Store
Brand: Earldom
Bluetooth Back Neck Earphone


Bluetooth Headset BH13

- The era of technology 4.0 is increasingly developing, wireless devices are born to serve the essential needs of consumers such as products that support bluetooth connection.

- So we launched BH13 Bluetooth headset to meet the growing wireless technology market.

- Speaking of headphones, the sound quality must come first. With Extra Bass technology for deep sound quality suitable for listening to all genres of music

- The outer shell design is made of TPE, ABS plastic and has a metal frame that gives a solid feel to use. The headphones have soft earplugs that filter out noise and filter out sounds super well

- Large battery capacity for long-term use without recharging

- Products designed for outdoor activities such as cycling, running, gym, ...

Technical specifications

+ Range of operation: ~ 10m

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Battery capacity: 360mAh

+ Continuous operation: ~ 10am

+ Standby time:> 300h


Market Price
Rs. 1,900