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CorelStar 2000VA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Regulator Volt Guard, 100v-260v, Safety Delay Timer

Store: Electronics Store
2000VA, 1600Watt, Input 100v-260v, Output 220V


2000VA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Volt Guard, 100V to 260V with 3 second to 180 second Safety Delay Timer.

*** 1 Year Company Warranty ***

If you are facing Voltage fluctuation problem in your area, this is the right solution to buy this products.

This product protects your expensive home appliances, gadgets, electronics devices and other many valuable equipment.

It protects High Voltage, Low Voltage, Surge Protection

If your area Voltage 100V, 120v, 150V 180V 200V (any between 100v to 260v) , no matter , this device is boost to 220 Volt easily.


Brand: CorelStar

Product Name: 2000V Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Input voltage range :100-260V

Output voltage: Dual output AC220V±10% (For your Home Appliances) and another output port : AC110V±10% (For 110V International Gadgets and Appliances)

Power capacity: Max use 1600 Watt Load

Protection: High voltage, low voltage, high temperature, short circuit

G.W/pc: 6 KG

Control: Digital Voltage Control

Copper wiring


1 Year
Market Price
Rs. 6,200